I started my running journey many years ago at 25 years old …. having not done any ‘running’ other than on a hockey pitch before then, a friend asked if I’d like to go Christmas shopping in New York, obviously I said yes to which she then threw in ‘cool I’ll enter us for the marathon while we are there’!!!

 And there it began! I started off my training with the ‘reebok sisters running club’ running around Duthie park…. just like our couch to 5k group…. all the way to a full marathon.


Ran a few 5ks, 10ks, half’s and marathons since then but my most memorable being Edinburgh marathon back in 2015 a year after being told I’d probably never run again after a car accident…. never tell me I can’t do something!! It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to start walking again with a broken back and neck, after a month in hospital on a spinal bed it was the hardest thing to attempt to walk again, let alone run! I didn’t tell my consultant what I was planning to do, (train to RUN a marathon) he only knew once I completed it when walked into the ward with the sponsor money I raised.

I love being part of the Newmachar 10k committee and the whole reason this running group started.

Seeing the progress of people starting at 30 second runs and thinking they can’t do anymore to seeing them run 5ks and beyond fills me with joy.

 I’ve always been into fitness having been an instructor for 7 years on top of always being ‘sporty’ as friends would say but seeing people who say they ‘can’t’ then go on to actually achieve is what drives me to do this more than anything.


 The friends people have made the encouragement everyone gives in this group is amazing.


 My motto… ‘she believed she could, so she did’….