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Whats the event?

NRG contribution to the Newmachar 24 hour Sportathon, raising a collective fund for Charlie house big build project with the Machu Picchu Nutters. The aim is to run 1000 miles as a group have fun and raise these important funds for a local charity.


Starting Friday 10th May 19:00Hrs

Finishing Saturday 11th 19:00Hrs


Starting at the Newmachar Hotel


The route is a 4-mile route which will be well marked, and each walker/jogger/runner must complete the lap for it to count to the running total (don’t cheat by taking short cuts your only cheating yourself & the group mileage

The route is mostly hard standing paths with a section on the railway line Stoney path so no technical root sections.

A Strava segment has been set up this has calculated 3.94 miles and doesn’t take into consideration the turns – the route has been checked and is 4 miles bang on (via Suunto/Garmin and Apple watch using Strava GPS systems).


You are self-sufficient and by signing the waiver you are fit to participate; however we will look after you if you become weak and unable to continue due to lack of backbone!

Road crossings we are all adults and are responsible for crossing the roads ourselves, there will be a number of road crossings and this will be unmanned.

Dress to be seen

Don’t use your ipod/phone or retro CD/ Walkman when running on road or crossing roads.

Please be considerate to other users of the paths and route we don’t have exclusive use and no roads are closed.

If you see another member of the group who needs assistance or even a quick word of encouragement, please take the time to make sure they are okay before you move on.

Format of event:

Its running in its simplest form, let’s not try and over complicate things it’s a 4 mile route when you run a lap let the time keeper know you’ve completed a lap and that lap will be marked off, if the time keeper is getting a bit of shut eye you may have to mark off your lap yourself.

You can run 1 lap or run the full 24 hours if you wish to do so, you can run solo, in pairs, as a relay team effort we are not limiting the ideas come and run a lap at the start, go to bed for a few hours bang out another few laps go watch the game then come back and bang out another lap, it all counts.

Goals: NRG as a group are aiming for 1000 miles of effort between all the members and hopefully raise £3000 for Charlie house and help the Machu Picchu Nutters achieve their financial goal for the Charlie house big build.

The NRG base will be at the Newmachar Hotel, take any food/ fluids/ clothing and anything you will need for your laps and use the hotel as the base location.

Set yourself a challenge if you know that 4 miles is easy set a 16-mile challenge and step out your comfort zone but not that far that’s is not achievable.

There are some nutters in the group who will be setting high mileage goals, please make sure they are achievable and don’t put yourself at risk or harm to achieve your mileage target, it all a bit of fun at the end of the day.

However, if you’re being a bit of a fanny you will get told!!

There will be a list of timings that people volunteer themselves to turn up and run let one of the Leaders know of your intensions and we will update the lap tracker

Recording laps – this is still to be decided and everyone will be advised on what to do as part of the pre-event brief.


If You Cannot Attend and Still Wish to Take Part

We will take into consideration any runners who cannot attend and wish to take part via their Strava data – only the distances in multiples of 4 miles will count, must be done with the 24-hour window from 7pm on the 10th and 7pm on the 11th.

Rules and Important Information

You are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing and by turning up you have accepted this as your responsibly. If you take your children for a lap they are your responsibility.

Only member of NRG JS laps will be added to our total miles covered, if you take your children, niece nephew, cat, dog hamster for a lap only your lap will count on the NRG total however there is an additional total which includes non-members.

NRG must have at least one runner on the route at all times.

The route is to be run clock wise from the Newmachar hotel heading down the railway line hill section.

If you are running more than 10 laps, then you may wish to change the scenery and run the opposite direction, so the legs don’t get a constant downhill bashing.

The Newmachar hotel is the base: no runners participating will be allowed to participate with alcohol in their system, let’s be honest here a beer when running can be refreshing but if you’ve had too much we will ask you sleep it off before you can take part again.

Remember we are here to reach the targets set and a drink or 10 can be had with everyone on the Saturday evening once the event is finished at the Axis centre and we can swap war stories of blisters & aches and pains.

Night time running – runners must have a head torch & high vis clothing